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Xanthelasma Removal with Plasma Jett

Among the many benefits that plasma jett provides is the removal of xanthelasma, small deposits of fat and cholesterol that occur just below the surface of the skin, especially around the eyes. Xanthelasma is common and affects adults, especially women over 40 years old and is usually linked to very high bad cholesterol levels, LDL, and very low good cholesterol rates, and may also be related to other health problems.

Dermatologists and/or ophthalmologists may indicate some treatments for the removal of xanthelasma, such as chemical peeling, surgery, laser therapy, cryotherapy and medication. The treatment with the device Jett Plasma Lift Medical is performed in the office by the ophthalmologist or dermatologist, completely removes xanthelasma in 1 session and leaves no scar. Jett Plasma Lift Medical performs the removal through the use of direct current plasma jet with high levels capable of destroying skin cells, generating electrofulguration, electrodissection and electrocoagulation. Electrofulguration is the electrical discharge generated with the creation of plasma and is precise, reaching only a small area of the skin, electrodissection is the evaporation (caused by thermal energy) of cellular liquids destroying the subcutaneous cells, and electrocoagulation is the process that causes the coagulation of proteins and blood due to the high temperature, which can reach up to 80 Cº.

The device can be equipped with a pen Plasma Pen specifically designed to improve and improve the comfort and accuracy of ophthalmic procedures, its fine tip focuses the plasma discharge into a more precise and accurate beam.

Check out the before and after xanthelasma removal:


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