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Jett Plasma Lift Medical - Study at European Dry Eye Society congress

The first edition of the Congress of the European Dry Eye Society took place on the 18th and 19th of June 2021 in Paris – France and virtually brought together doctors ophthalmologists from different countries to present studies on dry eye syndrome, which is characterized by obstruction of the terminal ducts and/or qualitative and/or quantitative changes in glandular secretion.

Ophthalmologist Dr. Carlos Ruiz Lapuente (Spain) gave the lecture “Treatment of Meibomius Gland Dysfunction (MGD) with Jett Plasma” and presented the results of treatment for dry eye syndrome using Jett Plasma Lift Medical (Plasma Pen) using silver tips. The post-market clinical follow-up study (PMCF) included 50 patients and obtained good results with 100% of patients satisfied. It took 12 weeks of treatment, and the results began to appear 1 week after the first session, and were already very close to the final result that lasted for 3 months.

Treatment with Jett Plasma Lift Medical has been shown to be very effective in treating dry eye syndrome, as it removes the hyperkeritinization layer from the eyelid margin, unblocking the lacrimal gland ducts, and the use of thermal stimulation improves secretion.


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