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šŸŒŸ Exploring Innovation in Feminine Aesthetics: Discover Our New Energy Device! šŸŒŸ

We have embarked on a journey of innovation in recent years, elevating our aesthetic treatments to a new level. Initially, we relied on established technologies such as lasers and radiofrequency, which have been part of our expertise for almost eight years. However, our commitment to exceptional results led us to add a powerful tool to our portfolio: the plasma energy device.

What Makes Plasma Unique: Plasma goes beyond the common thermal effects of lasers and radiofrequency. Its biological approach works at the cellular level, offering distinct and effective benefits.

Enhanced Versatility: Our plasma device features two crucial handpieces: the G applicator, a laser probe for treating vaginal laxity, and the wave applicator, similar to a radiofrequency probe, designed for the vulva region. The flexibility between a larger and a smaller applicator, along with a flat applicator for the vulva, provides personalized and comprehensive treatments.

The Science Behind Reversible Electroporation: Distinguishing itself from conventional devices, our plasma goes beyond thermal stimulation. Membrane depolarization and reversible electroporation induce collagen activation, promoting remarkable improvements in vaginal laxity.

Biological Impact: Reversible electroporation creates nanopores in cells, allowing the entry of essential nutrients, such as water crucial for collagen stimulation. Activation of the plasma current creates an electrical tension across cell membranes, driving the penetration of these nutrients into cells and significantly improving vaginal laxity.

Commitment to Evidence: We recognize the importance of both objectivity and subjectivity in evidence. We are constantly seeking scientific support to ensure the effectiveness of our new device, eliminating any doubts about its benefits.

Join us on this journey of innovation in feminine aesthetics! šŸŒŗāœØ If you have questions or would like more information, we are here to guide you.


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