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Main Indications:

• Non-invasive blepharoplasty
upper and lower eyelid
• Chronic blepharitis
• Stenosis of tear ducts
• Dry eye
• Xanthelasma
• Ectropion
• Entropion
• Trichiasis
• Dysticiasis

Transform your surgical treatments of ectropion, entropion, lower and upper eyelid blepharoplasty, blepharitis and others into non-surgical treatments with our patented device.

The only direct current plasma device in the world!

The PLASMA PEN applicator was specifically developed in an effort to improve and improve the comfort and precision of any ophthalmic procedure.

For ophthalmic procedures, the JETT PLASMA LIFT MEDICAL is equipped with a specialized fine tip applicator, the PLASMA PEN, which concentrates the plasma discharge in a more precise and accurate beam. The Plasma Pen has a trigger switch on the pen itself that is thinner and ergonomic than the standard handpiece. Therefore, ensuring easier use and more mobility since the base of the device is fixed on a flat surface. Plasma pen for the JETT PLASMA LIFT MEDICAL is a lightweight ergonomic extension of the JETT PLASMA LIFT MEDICAL main device.


The pen is equipped with 7 applicators:


  • 5 silver applicators for cosmetic contact treatment;

  • 2 gold applicators for minimally invasive medical procedures.


Mechanism of action


  • The heat generated by the plasma facilitates softening, liquefaction and release of the contents of the meibomial glands

  • Anti-inflammatory effect - thrombosis of the vascular system around the meibomian glands may play a role in reducing the local release of inflammatory mediators

  • Elimination of bacterial flora in the glands and surroundings

  • Increased elasticity of ligament fibers around the glands and their outlets (due to direct current)

  • Plasma helps increase the production of non-inflamed meibomian glands


Ectropion, Entropion:

  • Carbonization of the tissue, its contraction and return to its original position