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Vulvo-vaginal rejuvenation

Positive effect and excellent results after the intervention, applying this method, result from the interaction of several phenomena in the treated tissue. It is a combination of mechanical action of the applicator, heat, reversible low threshold electroporation, electrochemical effect between the applied gel and the treated mucosa and depolarization of the membranes.

Thermal effect
The entire vulvovaginal mucosa is covered with ultrasonic gel. The application area moves gradually in the mucosa, causing the gel to form non-conductive places (channels) in which the micro-malfunctions
are generated and the tissue is heated here to 42 to 45 ° C. These channels are created quickly and also disappear quickly, and the area of ​​application of the gynecological head is in permanent movement, gradually stimulating the entire area of ​​the vulvo-vaginal mucosa during 20-minute treatment.
During this stimulation, destructive changes, both electrical and thermal, do not appear in the mucosa or submucosal tissue. This method is unable to reach higher temperatures due to the limited power of the source. After electro-thermal stimulation of the mucosa, neocolagenesis is also stimulated, that is, activation of collagen-forming fibroblasts, stimulation of cell division and renewal of the intercellular matrix. Subsequently, the atrophic mucosa is thickened and papillae are created in the submucosal tissue. The fascia on the anterior and posterior wall of the vagina (created by collagen) is contoured and strengthened. The pelvic floor fascia is agitated and the flaccid bladder is supported.
Finally, thickening of the mucosa and increased vascularization in the submucosal tissue lead to a reduction in symptoms such as vaginal dryness, itching, irritation, vaginal discomfort and, last but not least, dyspareunia is thus resolved.

Painel de Controle


Aplicador G-30


Aplicador Wave


  • Dispareunia (desconforto sexual);

  • Atrofia pós-parto; 

  • Incontinência urinária; 

  • Corrimento vaginal; 

  • Secura vaginal; 

  • Frouxidão vaginal; 

  • Atrofia vaginal

Efeitos na mucosa vaginal:

  • Estimulação da produção de colágeno

  • Vascularização aumentada do tecido submucoso

  • Retração e espessamento da membrana mucosa

  • Inicia o metabolismo celular

  • Perfusão sanguínea e aumento da elasticidade da ligamento suburetral

  • Perfusão sanguínea e aumento da elasticidade da fáscia septal reto-vaginal

  • Aumentando a elasticidade do tecido vaginal submucoso


Aplicador Flat

Vantagens do JETT PLASMA For Her:

  • Confortável, indolor

  • Bons resultados após uma sessão

  • Melhoria progressiva dos resultados

  • Sem efeitos colaterais

  • Não há necessidade de anestesia

  • Não há necessidade de ATB

  • Não há necessidade de antifúngicos

  • Sem risco de queimaduras

Effect of membrane electroporation and depolarization
Gel micro advance
Due to the mechanical movement of the head, a local thinning of the gel layer occurs between the applicator and the vulvovaginal mucosa, which results in a local increase in current density, leading to a local change in the conductivity of the gel. In this less conductive zone, the concentration of the electrical potential is increased, until a micro rupture of the gel is generated; is accompanied by the current local peak ..
In the area below the micro-advance, the electrical intensity in the tissue is increased locally, which is necessary for the generation of the so-called reversible low-threshold electroporation. The movement of the head leads to the redistribution of the gel, which causes the disappearance of micro-gaps and the restoration of the situation before the collapse. Thus, in the treated tissue over the entire electrode surface, the micro-discovery appears at random and disappears throughout the procedure.


Mechanical movement
Thanks to massage, blood supply and tissue stimulation take place. By mechanical movement, a certain percentage of the gel substances penetrate the tissue.

Effects on the vaginal mucosa

  • Stimulation of collagen production

  • Increased vascularization of submucosal tissue

  • Shirring and thickening of the mucous membrane

  • Starts cell metabolism

  • Blood perfusion and increased elasticity of the suburethral ligament

  • Blood perfusion and increased elasticity of the rectovaginal septal fascia

  • Increasing the elasticity of submucosal vaginal tissue

Advantages of JETT PLASMA For Her

  • Comfortable, painless

  • Good results after a session

  • Progressive improvement of results

  • No side effects

  • No need for anesthesia

  • No ATB needed

  • No need for antifungals

  • No risk of burns

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