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New technology for treating blepharitis

Redness, swelling, the presence of crusts and flaking on the eyelids, itching and irritation in the eyes, constant tearing and the feeling that there is a speck in the eye and photophobia (difficulty keeping the eyes open in the sun), are common symptoms of blepharitis , a non-contagious inflammation on the edges of the eyelids that occurs due to a change in the Meibomian glands, become inflamed or obstructed. Causes can also be bacterial and/or viral infections, allergic reactions and subcutaneous diseases. For a good diagnosis, it is necessary to consult an ophthalmologist, who will also indicate the treatment.

As an alternative to conventional treatments (cleansing, eye drops and warm compresses), the new plasma jet technology can be used, a treatment performed in the office by the ophthalmologist. With Jett Plasma Lift Medical the treatment is effective and punctual, for its accuracy in the plasma jet beam and its direct current or Jett Plasma can accurately treat blepharitis, as well as other consequences such as dry eye.

For mild and moderate cases, the protocol with a silver tip is to use, at the beginning, intensity 3 and increase according to the patient's tolerance, 10 passes on the tarsal conjunctiva and on the palpebral margin, 4 sessions with an interval of 1 week are recommended .

For severe cases, it is necessary to use a golden tip, the protocol is to use 5-6 intensity, scan (possible due to direct current) with 3 passes on the posterior margin of the eyelids and mechanical compression of the meibomian glands immediately after the procedure, it is recommended to repeat after 6 weeks. For even more precision in ophthalmic treatments, you can use the pen Plasma Pen which has better ergonomics.

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