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Jett Plasma at the International Oculoplastic Congress

With great pleasure we inform you that the company Celebrim, exclusive and official distributor of the Jett Plasma device, will be present at the SBCPO's main event, the 28th International Congress of Oculoplastics and 7th International Congress of Periocular Aesthetics , which will be held from May 6th to 8th, 2021, in the city of Ribeirão Preto, SP. Inside the modern structure of the Ribeirão Shopping Events Center.

The International Congress of Oculoplastics and Periocular Aesthetics is the largest and most important event in the ophthalmological field, annually bringing together specialists in eyelids, orbit and tear ducts, as well as general ophthalmologists, resident doctors and medical students.

Scientific programming focused on modern Oculoplastics, without losing sight of our focus on eye health. New developments in surgical and non-surgical techniques will be discussed in functional and aesthetic conditions that affect the ocular adnexa: eyelids, orbit and tear ducts. Renowned international guests from different countries will be present to share their clinical, surgical and scientific experience.

The use of the Jett Plasma device in Ocular Plastics will be addressed at this event by professionals in the field in the Virtual Congress as well as in the Pre-Congress where practical classes will be offered on various topics inherent to the medical specialty .


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