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Is it worth buying a PMU machine without Anvisa approval?

After many years in the PMU (Permanent Make up) Market in Brazil, we have encountered numerous cases of clients left stranded without replacement materials after purchasing equipment from foreign websites. Products often arrive defective, leaving customers with no recourse.

We are aware of the bureaucratic challenges in Brazil, making it difficult to obtain the coveted PMU machine registration. However, having this Anvisa-approved seal is crucial. When a manufacturer is legalized, they are obligated to adhere to all safety regulations and good practices guidelines monitored by the agency. This is essential to minimize the risks of diseases and contaminations.

It's important to note that the production of needles involves a secure and meticulous process to prevent contamination of the material that comes into contact with the skin. Therefore, Anvisa requires compliance with all necessary and secure procedures for PMU product manufacturing.

Another key aspect, according to Brazilian laws, is that a manufacturer is required to produce accessories for 5 years after giving notice of production cessation. What does this mean? Even if a legalized company stops manufacturing Dermographs, they are obliged to continue producing needles for supply.

At Celebrim, we offer products with Anvisa and Inmetro registration to ensure the highest quality and compliance with safety standards.


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