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ICAD Brazil - International Congress of Dermatology and Aesthetics

From May 11th to 13th, our company is at the International Congress of Dermatology and Aesthetics with the major launch - JETT PLASMA. During this event, we will have a lecture by Dr. Adela Mackova, a dermatologist from the Czech Republic who has been working with the equipment for years, showcasing all its functionalities.

ICAD Brazil follows the global trend in organizing a professional, segmented event with a highly qualified audience exclusively for doctors.

Over three days, ICAD Brazil annually brings together the leading physicians dedicated to aesthetic medicine and healthy aging in Latin America.

The event features technology, innovation, and a wealth of technical and scientific information, driving business, partnerships, and the exchange of experiences.

It showcases technology in equipment, services, products, and solutions, serving as a platform for product launches, brand reinforcement, joint ventures, sales, and networking.


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