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Amiea needles were developed based on a series of studies, always aiming at safety, precision and reduction of needle vibration. The needles are constantly inspected and always exceed all international safety parameters, maintaining precision and stability, without loss of quality even after hours of use.

The Amiea brand developed and patented the first micropigmentation disposable needle cartridge system. All needles are properly sterilized and receive a safety number that can be tracked in case of any problem, in addition it has a protection membrane (photo on the side) that prevents cross contamination and liquid leakage. In the photo beside it is possible to better understand the explanation. Ideal for wire to wire procedures.


We are a family owned and operated business.

It was designed to fit perfectly in the hand and between the fingers of the operator of the dermograph (micropigmenter) and to be a low vibration and noise device.

Its maximum power is 8,400 rpm and this allows the needle speed to be adjusted between 50 and 140 points / second. The highlight is also in the rotating ring, which allows you to adjust the penetration depth of the pigment ensuring the wire-to-wire procedure perfectly

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